Are you on Periscope??

OH MY!!!! It seems like forever since I’ve posted!!!! Things have been crazy busy…….but good busy!! My business is blooming, my kids have been busy in sports, hubby has been busy, and we just keep going!!

Since I was here last I have joined Periscope and am having a ton of fun learning this amazing new social media platform!! I’ve decided to become a Periscope expert and am learning as much as I can!! It has been FUN!!!  Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!!!!

If you are on Periscope please find me and add! If you are NOT on Periscope, but want to check it out here is the link:

Picture is from this summer when I went to Chicago!!! What a blast that was!!!! 

Have a Happy & Safe Halloween!!!!


P.s. I’ll be sharing this afternoon and attempting this amazing Lip Look LIVE on Periscope!!

WHAT?!?! I Know!! It should be an interesting watch!! LOL 


It’s Here‼️ It’s Here‼️

The Enhanced 3D➕ Mascara is HERE‼️Just when you thought it couldn’t get better it just did!!! 100% recyclable packaging, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologist approved, patent pending, natural fibers infused with Uplift serum, & MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸!!!!

Check out some before and afters of some beautiful Younique Presenters who received theirs!! Get It Here!!  WoWzas!!!!

 Just ONE coat!!!!



Just a lil info about the changes in the 3D+ Fiber a lash Mascara!!

Want ALL of this AMAZING products….value of $256…. For ONLY $99???? It comes with 2 3D+ Fiber Mascaras, free website, free shipping (limited), no annual renewal, no autoship, own your own business, and get PAID DAILY!!! Check it out here!!

Off to catch some 😴😴😴😴


Carmen 😘

The Inescapable Hell That is Packing Pt. 1

As I get ready to take my first flight in August to travel to Chicago for the Younique Convention I will be all over the packing and traveling craziness!!!! I’m so excited, yet the packing, the rules, the flight is quite taunting and scary, BUT 8’m so looking forward to the adventure with my “Partner in Crime” Lanie!!!! Going to be an amazing 5 days!!


Mallory Can't Even

Why hello there. You might be asking yourself, “Mallory, what’s with the scary blog title today?” Well viewer, I am currently packing for a five day trip to California and I am about to lose my mind (obligatory: up in here, up in here). I hate packing. It’s probably because I don’t travel often so I haven’t gotten good at it (yet!). No matter how many beauty guru YouTube videos, or Pinterest boards I frequent, I just can’t master the clutter free suitcase. That being said, I am going to turn this around and achieve my dream of being a well organized traveler once and for all (I have small dreams). It can’t be that hard, right? Today I figured I’d tackle the least daunting of all the tasks, the carry-on. Let’s see how this plays out.


What I’m Taking

  • Wallet
  • iPhone
  • iPhone charger
  • A Camelbak full of gin
  • Chapstick

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Happy Mother’s Day & Birthday To Me!!

So sorry I have been absent! I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks with work, family, and working my crazy fun lash business I have not had time to blog!!!!

I will get to all the Sample Testers SOON!!!! Promise!!!

I wanted to take time today to wish all the mamas out there a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! Whether you have children of your own, step children, babies or children that are now angels, or fur babies HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO YOU!!!!! 

I have been blessed with an AMAZING mama!!!! We have not always been close…..((((I was a horrible teenager)))) LOL But, marriage, children of my own, and growing up I have got to see my mama in a whole different light!! I treasure her wisdom and the strong woman she is and always has been even through EVERYTHING she has been through in my 42 years!!!! I watched her complete college over YEARS of schooling while taking care of us four rug fats, home, and a husband living an hour from town! I never missed a football game or dance!! She would drive an hour to pick me up at midnight after working all day and going to school!!!! I could go on and on!!! Mama I truly THANK YOU for all you have done for me, I didn’t recognize or appreciate it then, but I do now!!!!

I love you mama!! You are the most beautiful woman I know and I am blessed to call you mama!!

9/27/2014 My brothers Wedding!!

And to my husband and these BEAUTIFUL kiddos that call me mama!! THANK YOU for a beautiful Mother’s Day and Birthday!!! I treasure you all so much!! All four of you have been so supportive of me and all the extra hours I put into the business!!! I love you all!!!! Thank you for calling me your mama and wife!!!! Thank you for the extra help with chores, cleaning,  and grocery shopping!!!! 


Church Selfie with my FrankFam4

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday to me!! 

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day!!!



My FAV Lip Stain!!

Who doesn’t love an AMAZING Lip Stain that stays on for hours???? Here’s Younique’s Stiff Upper Lip Stain!! 7 glorious colors!!!! I have to admit I had never used lip stains before!! I now love them! I can put on, eat breakfast, drink my coffee, and work for hours without reapplying!! 

My personal top fav is Sappy!!!!


“Smudge-proof. Smooch-proof. Worry- free.” 


“Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain provides stubborn lip color that won’t budge while delivering perfectly tinted, long- lasting color with a smooth matte finish.”


Not crazy about the matte finish?? Add some Loyal Lip Gloss and add some shine!!!!

The Lip Stains are $22 each,  set of 3 for $60, or set of 7 for $140!!

Try risk free with our Love It Guarantee!!  Check them out here

Happy Tuesday,


She Is Happy

Something a little different for a Monday!  My daughter wrote a poem this year in her AP English class!  I felt it was beautiful and I thought it was something that I would like to share!!  Of course, I am biased, but I also love her title “She is Happy”!!  My daughter is a sophomore in high school, plays golf, loves her friends, is self confident,  and dreams to attend Stanford and become a doctor.  This girl has blessed me in so many ways!!  I have said MORE than once I don’t know what I did to deserve her, but I must’ve done something right!!

Happy Monday and Be Happy!

She is Happy
By Carah Frank

Her eyes display confidence.
With a rainbow of colors streaming from her eyes,
she is happy.

Her eyes are blue,
flowing like a river of joy.
She is happy.

Why is she so happy?
What has happened to make her love life so much?
What is the source of her joy?
Perhaps she met someone.
Or maybe she won something.
She is happy

Every time she blinks, more colors appear.
As if she were trying to blink away tears,
but those tears came out as beautiful
spurts of watercolored bliss.
She is happy.

What is she hiding?
Her colorful lips speak words of pain.
But we do not hear those words.
All we see are colors.
We assume that she is happy.

But she is breaking inside.
She runs away and hides.
We ask her what is wrong.
She does not respond
She just sheds more…




5 Makeup Testers Needed!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!!


I’m looking for 5 makeup lovers that I can send some various samples to for  honest reviews!!!!


  • Must love makeup
  • Like this blog post 
  • Comment below that you are interested!!!!
  • Willing to give honest review!!

Good Luck!!!!



My 4 Minute Nightly Skincare Routine

I was recently asked what I do at night for my skincare routine!!  It’s pretty basic!! Here’s my YouTube video and the Younique products I use!!!  I have very sensitive skin and usually breakout with any changes!!  Being a former Mac user I was really worried about switching to another brand.  Luckily, I’ve had no reactions or breakouts!!  I love all the naturally-based products!!

Below are the products that I use!!

  1. Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths 36 for $20
  2. Illuminate Clear Facial Cleanser for oily skin or Illuminate Clean for normal/dry skin!!  I switch in between. $39
  3. Uplift Eye Serum $65
  4. Divine Moisturizer $39

If you would like to check out ANY of these products you can visit my link at




“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Imagine That & 5 of MY Weeks Motivation!!

While on the road traveling home from an AMAZING vacation and not blogging since Easter I decided #motivation was my subject today!! Have a blessed day!!

Something I don’t have to imagine because my hubs does brag about my hustling!! #hardworkpaysoff

We all have the POWER, it’s up to us if we decide to use it!! 

  I want to SUCCEED this bad!! AND I will!! #success 

  I will never give up!! #cantsucceedwithoutfailure

  I BELIEVE in making at least 1 idea happen everyday!! Whether it’s for myself or for my AMAZING  215 #TeamGlamSquad members!! 

  I believe this wholehearedly!! You either DO or you DON’T!! #makeithappen

Happy Motivation Sunday!!